Introducing BIA attributes

Introduction to BIA

Introduction to BIA

Introducing BIA attributes


Everything has a start and we all start from somewhere. We naturally go through different stages and levels in life. This process applies to our jobs as well. As kids, we go to school, follow practical classes, research on our own and sometimes we even take private lessons. By the time we graduate college/university, we have some satisfactory knowledge which can get us the first job. That’s our intermediate level. But from that point on, we need to get to the real deal: the advanced level.

Introducing BIA attributes

BIA is the short-term I use for Beginner, Intermediate and Advance levels. Going through these natural experience levels apply to your designer journey too. As a matter of fact, not only it applies, it’s actually more important than in other jobs.

From this point of view, I believe there are three main attributes which will strongly shape you as a designer:

  • Recognition of your own skills and strengths.
  • Self evaluation of where you stand on the experience ladder.
  • Evolution from phase to phase.


Even if these sound challenging, the great thing is that they can be easily controlled by…you. During my next three article series, I am going to go through the above attributes to help you learn how to successfully determine, evaluate and develop your design experience levels.

Go ahead and read more about the first BIA attribute:


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