The power of knowledge

Knowledge is power and success is power and success

The power of knowledge


Not all people liked school and not everybody was great in school either. Some of us may think that once school years are over we can finally get a chance to stop learning and start enjoying life on our own terms. But then the more we grow up, the more we realize that we never really stop learning. As a matter of fact, school years are just the first step, the preparation, for what comes next: a life full of learning…

Why Knowledge is power and success

So you’ve decided to become a designer, started to learn stuff, you’ve already watched lots of tutorials, read lots of books, navigated gazillion of websites…and you finally feel confident about your knowledge and skills. If you’ve done all that, let me congratulate you and reassure you that you are most definitely on the right track to success.

But…don’t stop here! As a matter of fact, you should never stop your researching. Even the big designers out there, the popular, the rich, the best, they never stop learning. That’s what it takes to be awesome: a constant thrive for knowledge and the realization that no matter how great you are there will always be things that you might not know or techniques that you can improve.

Not to mention the fact that the world of design is moving with the speed of light. Every moment, there are new technologies being developed and other ones being launched. For every new technology there are tons of new skills needed to be learned. World creativity will never stop so you can’t stop either. You need to stay on top of things, you need to research everyday.

I can tell you ¬†from my personal experience that there is not even a single day in my life that I don’t Google stuff, or watch a tutorial, or read from a blog or from an actual book. If I am very busy with my projects during the day, I do my daily research in the evening when I lay down in bed. If I have breathing moments throughout the day, I take short researching breaks.

You might think that constantly researching is taking away from your “free” time, but the truth of the matter is that researching should never be regarded as a burden. It is actually a pleasant and productive way to spend your free time. It is something that everybody needs in any job and field. It is what keeps us informed and what differentiate the best from the average.


The beauty of learning after school years are over lies in the fact that we can use our grown up brains much better and more efficiently than when we were kids. As grown ups we now have a much better understanding of things in general, we know what to appreciate, we have the capability to organize better and to use our time in more effective ways. So there is not even a single reason for which you shouldn’t constantly keep learning and researching…

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