You can become a designer too

You can become a designer too

You can become a designer too


For most of us, being creative or art oriented is as simple as this: you either have it in you—and you know you do—or you don’t—and you know that too. Or, at least you think you know you don’t. In this first article, I will make you realize that you can become a designer too.

How you can become a designer

I am pretty sure we have all come across different situations in life when we were asked to draw something. And when I say that I refer to those kind of situations when you needed to draw a simple map for one of your friends…so nothing complicated, just doodles. A lot of us probably answered with the well-known line, Oh…no…I’m terrible at drawing! I have no talent whatsoever!

Some people are born with a stronger desire to express their creativity whilst others think anything art oriented is just not for them. The same goes for natural skills. Some people are great at drawing without even going to art schools. Others couldn’t even draw a map for a friend. Truth is, there IS creativity in all of us even if just in small doses. But creativity needs to be awaken, exercised and developed. Do not be afraid to unleash it! Anybody can become a designer too!

If you think design is not for you, that you are not artistic enough, think about your day-t0-day life. You are surrounded by design and everyday you make design decisions without even realizing. When you choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you choose design. When you choose a new shampoo label over your old-fashioned one, you make a design decision. When you choose your clothes, you choose with your artistic part of the brain. We all have design in our instincts because design means aesthetic. We just need to learn and get better at it. Just like we would do with any other job in any other area.

You can learn to become a designer too. You don’t need to excel at drawing. You don’t even need an Arts University Degree. You just need a computer, an Internet connection and lots of determination. As you follow this path, your creativity changes. It becomes better. And so do your technical skills.

Having read many graphic design blogs, books and articles, I have came across just a handful that talk about the motivation and the support one needs to become a designer. That’s why I have started this blog. I felt I needed to say it out loud: You can become a designer too! I hope that Graphic Design Village can become the right community for people who have never thought about becoming a designer just as much as for the ones who have already embraced it. I wish to create a place where people can find support, good advice, amazing inspiration and correct information to help them become a designer.


My goal is to help anybody interested in design. I want to show you that embracing a design career is possible. I want to show you how it changed my life. I aim to share with you my tips and tricks which helped me succeed. Ultimately I dream to create a community of designer friends. I plan to write everything in an easy-to-understand way because I aim to address to people at very different levels of preparation. Join me in my quest to build the Graphic Design Village!

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